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The PMC twenty5i's Have It

3rd March 2020

Latest improved designs from PMC...

Launched at this year's Bristol HiFi Show, PMC have now officially released the latest improved versions of their twenty5 Series loudspeakers, namely the new twenty5i Series.

With various models becoming available over the coming weeks, we are looking forward to getting to grips with these improved designs from one of the world's leading loudspeaker manufacturers.

Whilst clearly based on the already excellent twenty5 Series, the new twenty5i Series have been developed by PMC's in-house design team to further improve high-frequency definition and crossover design whilst identifying and reducing unwanted vibration which can colour the sound to make it less realistic and causes blurred imaging.

As a result, the twenty5i series are not only technically superior, they are audibly superior compared to their predecessors. They did it with the move from the twenty Series to the twenty5 Series, now they have gone done it again with the twenty5i range.

The new twenty5i Series will be progressively added to the Basically Sound demonstration stock as they become available, with the range topping twenty5-26i 3-way design arriving in the next few days.

Call or email to arrange a demonstration of these eagerly anticipated new loudspeaker designs...



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