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Chord Electronics Launch New PRE-3 @ Munich Hi-End

24th May 2022

Launched at the 2022 Munich Hi-End Show, the new PRE-3 pre-amplifier offers Chord Electronics's ULTIMA performance at a more affordable level. We were there as well and you can see our own photos of the new PRE-3 by clicking on the image navigation arrows below.

Basically Sound are pleased to announce the launch of the all-new Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3. After 30+ years of in-house analogue amplification developments, Chord Electronics have designed a completely new preamplifier utilising their latest topology masterminded by John Franks.

Benefiting from five analogue inputs (two balanced and three unbalanced), plus a separate AV bypass input, all five of the ULTIMA PRE-3’s inputs enjoy individual buffering and are selectively filtered against potential ingress from radio frequency interference.

Externally, the ULTIMA PRE-3 benefits from a completely redesigned front panel, keeping it consistent with the ULTIMA range's sleek new design features. The new fascia offers a perfectly symmetrical design, centred on a circular power on/off sphere, using the company’s familiar polychromatic indicator lighting.

This all-new pre-amplifier forms part of the Full Size range and seamlessly complements the resolving abilities of their power amplifiers. Hand-built in the UK, ULTIMA PRE-3 is available in Jett Black or Argent Silver.

It made its European show debut at High End Munich 2022 and we were there to experience it for ourselves (click on the image navigation arrows to see further images). Superb styling and build quality coupled with unrivalled performance.

The UK SRP for ULTIMA PRE-3 is £6,000 (inc. VAT) and we expect our demo pre-amplifier very soon indeed.



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