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Rega Launch Their Green Grade Initiative

9th May 2023

Introducing REGA GREEN GRADE products, massive savings on new products to be had.

As a manufacturer, Rega has always looking at ways to reduce waste and avoid parts going to landfill. They are proud of the fact that they have employed a team of people (for many years now) dedicated purely to reworking or recycling damaged parts. Unfortunately, there are always some parts that may have cosmetic issues deemed not acceptable ‘in our industry’ for use in an ‘A’ grade product. In some cases, it is not always economical to rework them, and such items are sadly destined for landfill. This is always the very last resort but as a responsible company Rega feel that they can no longer accept this as a viable option.

Attitudes to waste are changing. For many years, imperfect fruit and vegetables were discarded and deemed not fit for sale simply due to appearance. However, the popularity of such goods rebranded in the UK as “wonky” has seen a vast increase in sales over recent years as consumers become more educated and aware of how important avoiding unnecessary waste is. Rega now works with 650 suppliers, (85% of which are based in the UK) and all have a responsibility to supply them with quality parts. However, either due to poor packing, mishandling or transport some items may become damaged. These parts would often be classed as unrecoverable by Rega's rework team.

This is where Rega's Green Grade comes in.

Instead of not using parts with cosmetic faults Rega have decided to use such parts to build their Green Grade products. These products will function and perform perfectly and come with Rega's unrivalled Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. In an ideal world, all consumers would accept Green Grade and we would all stop wasting valuable resources and reduce our collective carbon footprint. But for now, Rega hope that these small steps will change people’s attitudes and deliver everyone a better and less wasteful future.

From Rega's perspective, this is a non profit initiative designed to use these parts and to save them from being disposed off.

And, as a result, there will be some excellent savings to be had…



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