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PMC Get Active

21st March 2024

Get Active with PMC

PMC are introducing the Active twenty5i series, comprising four two-way models, to provide an optimised solution for music lovers looking for PMC’s studio quality sound, with its ultra-high resolution and clarity, from a fuss-free system that dispenses with the need for external amplification.

Building on PMC’s class-leading studio monitors with active amplification, the Active twenty5i series brings the same approach to PMC domestic audio systems for the first time. With integrated electronics and perfectly matched amplification, the Active twenty 5i models enable a superb performance without requiring a separate power or integrated amplifier. All the user needs to do is add a suitable pre-amp or a streaming device to create a complete high-resolution system.

Each drive unit in the Active twenty5.21i, 22i, 23i and 24i models is directly coupled to a dedicated and perfectly matched 100w power amplifier, designed to control the driver with grip and precision. In circuit before the power amplifiers is a custom designed analogue crossover, which splits the frequency bands of the incoming line-level signal, from either balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA inputs, and ensures each amplifier is only amplifying the signals appropriate for its drive unit. The design of the crossover has been computer modelled and is specific to each model, with finely tuned roll off curves to ensure the perfect integration of each drive unit, excellent dispersion and low distortion. Pre-amplification, filtering and a dual-band power limiter, for non-invasive driver protection, guarantee studio quality performance with a pure, natural, authentic sound.

Launched at this year's Bristol Show, we are really looking forward to getting our hands on a set of the Active modules and putting them through their paces. We are already getting a number of enquiries about this from an upgrade perspective so mid-April (when PMC advise that the Active modules will become available) cannot come soon enough.

An active upgrade is available for existing owners of any 2-way twenty5 and twenty5i speakers (i.e. the 21, 22, 23 & 24 models) so these loudspeakers can also benefit from higher resolution, control, and transparency with a simple-to-install active upgrade pack.

The Active upgrade pack is priced @ £1795 and is available to order now as are the factory assembled Active versions of these superb loudspeakers.

And a selection of the twenty5i Active options are now on demo here at Basically Sound...



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