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All New MM Cartridges From Rega

5th June 2024

The First of Three, All New, Moving Magnet Designs From Rega Is Launched

It has been a long time in coming but, finally, Rega's new moving magnet cartridge designs are available with the Nd3 being the first of three cartridges to be released over the coming months.

Replacing the Elys 2, the all new Nd3 MM cartridge was developed over 10 years and promises to deliver ‘next level’ performance from moving magnet technology. Rega's new Nd range is believed to be the world's first moving magnet cartridge design to use ultra-high powered Neodymium magnets which allows Rega to create this totally unique design.

The Nd3 features a completely new body design (albeit visually similar to Rega's excellent moving coil range), 3-point fixing, aluminium cantliever and an elliptical stylus.

And first impressions here, when fitted to our demo Planar-3, were certainly very good indeed, and that was straight out of the box - which also now happens to be recyclable!

The Rega Nd3 is now on demo and available from stock here at Basically Sound. It will also be available as a factory fitted option for both the Planar 2 and the Planar 3 turntables as well.



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