About The Music - Thursday 29th June 2023

19th June 2023



Many of you who have attended our About The Music evenings previously will know that we often like those who attend to choose the tracks that we play. Our next About The Music event is to be one of those opportunities.

As customers at Basically Sound, you will have undoubtedly visited the showroom and had a product demonstration or possibly a home demo as well. You will therefore know that we invariably ask you to select and play music that you know and are familiar with, rather than relying on ourselves to play tracks of our choosing. We do this to ensure that you get to assess the products being demonstrated by listening to music that you know.

As a result, and from our own perspective, we often get to hear music that we would not necessarily know or have experienced previously ourselves.

Hence, for our next About The Music evening, we would like you to choose two of your "Go To" demonstration tracks. We will then curate the evening's playlist, allowing everyone who attends to hear and experience the selected tracks. We will probably add one or two of our own as well. Our only request is that your selected track lengths are kept to no more than about 6 minutes, or thereabouts.

As always, places are strictly limited to ensure that everyone has a seat. If you would like to attend, we would be grateful if you could either click on this "Book My Place" link or call us on 01362-820800 to reserve your place/s. **

We will then email to confirm your place/s on Monday 25th June to allow sufficient time for everyone to respond. As seems to often be the case with our About The Music evenings, we do expect this one to be reasonably popular, so please don't delay in replying if you do wish to attend.

Light refreshments will, as always, be provided.

We look forward to hearing from you.

** Please note that, with limited spaces available and our wish to allow each & every one of our customers a chance to attend these events, we will give priority to those wishing to attend who did not come along to our previous About The Music event unless numbers allow. We will also run a "reserves" list should any spaces become available nearer the day of the event.



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