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If you feel that your digital music collection doesn't quite connect you with the music in the same way as you would have been used to with LP or CD sleeves, then Roon is the solution for you.

Using some very clever software, Roon takes a look at your music collection, whether stored locally or on streaming services such as TIDAL & Qobuz, and creates a magazine style interface that combines your music together with biographies, reviews, lyrics and even forthcoming concert dates. Connections between the artists, composers, performers and collaborators are also made to allow you to delve deeper, searching out music both old and new to explore and listen to.

Alongside the software, Roon also offer a selection of innovative products to help bring everything together in one place.

And, if that's not enough, Roon also allows you to combine Roon Ready products from different manufacturers together into an intelligent multi-room solution too.

The Roon software license is available on an annual or lifetime basis - contact us for more information.

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Selected Roon Products

Image of Roon Nucleus on demonstration at Basically Sound

Roon Nucleus
Price: £1500

For libraries up to 120,000 tracks & 5 music zones

Image of Roon Nucleus Plus on demonstration at Basically Sound

Roon Nucleus Plus
Price: £2500

For larger collections and more zones

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