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We have been offering the Bryston product range for many years now, but it was only when they started to offer a matching CD player, some 25 years after CD was introduced to the world, that interest in this excellent Canadian manufacturer got really serious.

Now offering a range of source components including phono stages, digital media players, headphone amplifiers & DAC's, sitting alongside their key amplification products from the dynamic B135 integrated to the mighty 28B-SST2 1000W mono-block power houses, the Bryston range offers high powered performance at every level.

If dynamics, scale and control are what you are looking for, then the Bryston range is definitely worth further investigation.

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Selected Bryston Products

Image of BDP-3 on demonstration at Basically Sound

Price: £3900

Flexible Hi-Res USB Digital Player

Image of BDA-3 on demonstration at Basically Sound

Price: £3600

Bryston's Multi-input Digital Audio Hub

Image of BP-17 Cubed on demonstration at Basically Sound

BP-17 Cubed
Price: £4600

Latest "Cubed" version of this excellent pre-amp

Image of 4B-Cubed on demonstration at Basically Sound

Price: £6500

Bryston's Classic Stereo Power Amplifier

Our Brands

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