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Despite Of Everything...

Despite Of Everything... for sale at Basically Sound

... There Will Always Be Music!!!

Nearly a week since the COVID19 "lock-down" and we are still here dealing with matters as best we can under the circumstances. Lots to think about, as you can imagine, and plenty of time to do that thinking.

Felt that a post on the website at this stage would be a good thing to do on a Saturday morning.

So, there is one thing that we all share in common - and that is listening to music.

Without music, the hi-fi and audio industry would have never existed. But, thanks to the likes of Edison and many others along the way, here we are. And, with almost everyone confined to barracks during these troubling times, what better opportunity we all have to listen to, explore more, and, ultimately, enjoy music.

So, if you read this post and have any suggestions of music that you are currently enjoying and would like to share these with others via the Basically Sound newsletters, etc. then we would be happy to hear from you.

Click on the Find Out More link below to send in your suggestions.

Regular newsletters and website blogs are going to start soon, so please send in your suggestions and we can take it from there - look forward to hearing from you.

Tony, Graham & Pete

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