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Linn's Seasonal Offering...

Linn's Seasonal Offering... for sale at Basically Sound

Get "Something In Return" from Linn

We are pleased to announce this season's traditional Linn promotion.

Running until Saturday 15th February 2020, we are able to offer you "Something in Return" for purchasing any Linn DSM & DS product, whether at Klimax, Akurate, Selekt or Majik performance level. So what better time to enjoy the benefits of what a Linn DS or DSM can bring to your musical listening enjoyment. With Space Optimisation and many other features all built-in, Linn's Digital Streaming products are class leading.

To gain "Something in Return", all you will need to do is trade-in any other source product from any manufacturer, whether a CD player, iPod dock or Bluetooth speaker, when you purchase a Linn DS or DSM product.

For more details of how to get "Something in Return", please contact ourselves here at Basically Sound and we can tell you more.

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