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Sounds Scandinavian for sale at Basically Sound

Primare joins the Basically Sound portfolio...

Primare have been in business since the mid-80's but have recently been getting a lot more interest in the audio industry and, as a result, we thought it worthwhile to investigate this brand further.

And, suffice to say, we were suitably impressed and we now have a selection of the extensive Primare range on demo.

With CD players (yes, CD players!!!), network players, amplifiers and phono stages (coming soon) available across a range of performance levels, Primare have most bases covered. Their source products can be specified as multi-function versions as can their integrated and pre-amplifier designs so, in some instances, one box solutions can be acheived if that fits the bill for you.

Build quality is superb, sound quality is nothing short of excellent and product styling is modern but subtle enough to blend in with many a domestic environment.

We will be putting a Primare product page together soon but, for now, don't hesitate to get in touch if a bit of Scandinavian "lagom" and "hygge" wouldn't go amiss.

More detailed information is also available here.

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