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Chord Electronic's New Hugo TT 2

Chord Electronic's New Hugo TT 2 for sale at Basically Sound

Chord Electronics have radically redesigned the Hugo TT 2 from the ground up, now with increased processing power over the original Hugo TT and building on over 20 years of digital development by their designer Rob Watts.

It delivers radically improved technical specifications and measurements across the board and exhibits drastic sonic benefits over its predecessor with 768kHz PCM and DSD 512 playback. Hugo TT 2 sets a new benchmark in table top digital audio, only being eclipsed by DAVE.

Delving deeper, Hugo TT 2’s beating heart is a powerful Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA, custom-coded by Chord Electronics, Hugo TT 2 also benefits from an upgrade from a 4-element design to a 10-element design, which works in harmony with the radically upgraded FPGA to deliver unrivalled audio.

Hugo TT 2 eschews the Li-Po battery power supply of its predecessor and ushers in six super capacitors capable of delivering huge, linear dynamic currents when the music demands it.

Hugo TT 2 also brings home the much loved four-stage user-selectable filter controls introduced with Hugo 2 and retains the three-stage user-selectable digital crossfeed function for headphone users who want to improve the perception of depth, similar to that of speakers.

And, after a lengthy wait, the Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2 is now on demo at Basically Sound.

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