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Feeling The Majik

Feeling The Majik for sale at Basically Sound

Majik LP12 now available with new Linn Majik Tonearm

It's been some time coming, but Linn have finally brought out an updated version of their Majik LP12 - and it is now fitted with their very own Majik tonearm.

The new Majik LP12 turntable package retains all the features of the Majik specification complete with Cirkus main bearing and Majik sub-chassis whilst the Majik PS offers excellent control of the turntable's speed and the Adikt Moving Magnet cartridge will track the grooves perfectly too.

So to finally have a Linn tonearm fitted to the Majik LP12 simply finishes the job off.

The new Majik LP12 will retail for £2930 as a complete package and is available to order now.

And now on demo at Basically Sound too.

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