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Linn Selekt DSM is Here & Now

Linn Selekt DSM is Here & Now for sale at Basically Sound

Now On Demo @ Basically Sound

The new Linn Selekt DSM range offers you a modular, upgradeable approach to achieving the maximum in performance, whether by using the Selekt DSM as the multi-source pre-amp for your existing amplification or simplifying your system by utilsing the Selekt DSM's integral power amplifier, all integrated into a single, modern, stylish package.

With Ethernet connectivity, digital streaming forms the backbone of the Selekt DSM's operation, along with analogue (including both MM & MC phono inputs), digital, USB & HDMI ARC inputs, the Selekt DSM is potentially destined to become the hub for your audio system - just add either amplification &/or loudspeakers.

TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, UPnP and internet radio music streams are all accessible via the Linn Kazoo app, with support for bit rates up to 24/192kHz - and the Selekt-DSM range is also Roon Ready as well. Further performance improvements can be achieved by choosing to utilise Linn's Space Optimisation feature plus there are options to include Linn's latest Katalyst DAC architecture as well.

And, finally, with Exakt links provided across the Selekt DSM range, you can gain the ultimate in performance by incorporating Linn Exakt crossovers, amplifiers and loudspeaker systems.

Whatever your existing setup, Linn Selekt DSM is designed to fit in and make your music sound better.

Linn Selekt DSM is now available for demonstration here @ Basically Sound...

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