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Roon Nucleus Now Here

Roon Nucleus Now Here for sale at Basically Sound

Roon brings your music collection together, all in one place...

We have been getting to grips with the Roon music server software over the last few months and have found it to be an excellent way of browsing and investigating music, whether it is music that you already own or to find new and exciting material via the TIDAL streaming service.

But running the Roon software on our Apple iMac was never going to offer the best long term solution, so we had the opportunity to experience Roon's Nucleus server recently and were sufficiently impressed with how it performed and operated we thought we'd better get ourselves one for the showroom.

Taking about 15 minutes to install and set-up, the Nucleus simply does the job of running Roon completely independently from your computer. Configured & controlled via the Roon app, you can then play your music via its local outputs (either HDMI & USB) or via any Roon Ready product, such as those available from Naim, Linn & Bryston, amongst many others.

And there's much more to Roon than just a music library cataloguing system, so there is still more to be explored...

If you're interested in Roon and what Nucleus can offer, please get in touch and we would be happy to help you explore further.

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