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ND555 Has Arrived...

ND555 Has Arrived... for sale at Basically Sound

...And Is Settling In Nicely, Thank You

It's seems like ages since Naim announced their new range of network players, but they have now started to ship and our own, range topping, ND555 arrived here late yesterday afternoon.

Now unpacked and plugged into the pre-requisite 555PS power supply and feeding our demo NAC552-DR & NAP300-DR combo, the initial opinion is "certainly sounding impressive" from the outset. Even just playing Radio Paradise (@ 320k AAC via iRadio) for the first few hours of operation, the ability of this new player is already starting to show through.

We're going to enjoy the next few days & weeks as the ND555 settles in and we get used to what it is really capable of - both from an audio perspective, but in so far as other features as well (we've already found one of the new features that Naim have kept under their hat since the launch back in February - an option to have a variable analogue output!!!).

Now on demo - please get in touch and come along to enjoy the music at its best.

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