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Two Dynavector Classics Improved...

Hot off the press news from Pear Audio, the UK distributor for Dynavector cartridges...

Dynavector have recently announced that they have made design improvements to two of their classic cartridge designs.

Firstly, the 10X5 is now the 10X5 MkII and benefits from the incorporation of a "Shibata III" line contact profile stylus and improved cantilever material, thereby ensuring improved tracking ability, resulting in extended high frequency response and enhanced musical resolution.

Further up the range, the KARAT 17D3 design has been improved by the use of machined brass for the main cartridge body and by changing the magnet to one made from samarium-cobalt. The initial reports for the new KARAT 17DX are very positive indeed.

Prices have als been reviewed across the Dynavector range. But we still have one or two 10X5 MkI's in stock and have revisited their price accordingly to clear this stock and make way for the new MkII design - see our Product Range listings for more details.

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