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All Linn DS & DSM products are now ROON Ready

Now ticking even more boxes than ever, Linn have now included ROON READY compatability into all of their DS and DSM products.

ROON allows you to enjoy one vast music library by bringing together your locally stored music and integrating this seemlessly with your TIDAL account. In this way, ROON creates a single interface with your music collection at a glance, resulting in an integrated digital music catalogue and information library.

And as all Linn's music streamers utilise your home network, it doesn't matter whether you wish to play CDs ripped to your NAS, access Roon’s intuitive interface, browse your Spotify, TIDAL or Qobuz accounts or simply use AirPlay from your iPad, all Linn DS & DSM products have it covered.

And don't forget they all incorporate Linn's Space Optimisation room correction & Exakt technology too.

Contact us to find out more about how Linn DS & DSM products can enhance your musical enjoyment further.

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