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Katalyst Architecture Now Available in Klimax and Akurate ranges

Linn have been busy in recent months developing their latest Katalyst DAC architecture for use in their DS, DSM & Exakt products. Initially, this new architecture was incorporated into the Klimax level products with very positive results. And we can now advise that the same architecture has now been incorporated into the Akurate specification too.

Linn have stated that:

"Our new Katalyst DAC Architecture performs digital-to-analogue conversion with greater precision than ever. Katalyst takes an unprecedented level of control over the critical elements that lie at the heart of the analogue signal’s creation; offering improved Data Optimisation, superior Master Clock, independent Power Supplies, a new ultra-low distortion Output Driver and crucially, for the first time, a high-stability input Reference Level. The latter is vitally important because, at the point of creation, the analogue audio signal is particularly vulnerable even to miniscule variations in the Reference Level, which cause irreversible damage. Katalyst’s high-stability input Reference Level eliminates variations during analogue signal creation, giving you a deeper insight into your music."

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