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Focal Headphone Offer

Focal Headphone Offer for sale at Basically Sound

Trade-In Offer on Focal Elear Headphones

The Focal Elear audiophile headphones are an open-backed design inspired by the technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia, Focal's flagship headphones.

The Elear headphones offer truly exceptional performance. The mechanical design provides remarkably smooth and seamless style due to the solid aluminum yoke. They also feature memory foam ear cushions for maximum comfort, an essential quality for long listening sessions. Finally, the exclusive speaker drivers with their ‘M’-shaped aluminium/magnesium domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound.

Be inspired by the sound of a high-end system when listening with a pair of Elear headphones, for hours of musical enjoyment and pleasure.

And, for a limited time only, you can enjoy the amazing performance of the Focal Elear headphones for less. Simply trade-in your old headphones and get a £200 reduction off the list price, paying £699 for a pair of Focal Elear headphones until the end of Feb 2019.

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