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Do You Believe In Majik?

Do You Believe In Majik? for sale at Basically Sound

Linn's Majikal Seasonal Offer

Linn are sprinkling a little more Majik on the festive season when you buy their Majik LP12 and Majik DSM together as a complete package.

The updated Linn Majik LP12 turntable and Majik DSM network player are the perfect combination to make your music flow, whether on vinyl or via another "connected" source. You just need to add loudspeakers and you will have the music playing, superbly. The Majik DSM even incorporates a moving magnet phono stage, so you simply plug the Majik LP12 in and start to play.

As with all good offers, T&Cs apply, but the Majik LP12 & Majik DSM offer will save you over £400 on the combined list price of the two products if purchased separately.

Book a demonstration here at Basically Sound and fall in love with your music all over again this festive season.

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