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Innuos Zenith SE Now Available

Innuos Zenith SE Now Available for sale at Basically Sound

Special Edition version of the excellent Innuos Zenith Music Server

The Innuos music servers have been a feature of our product range for a while now, resulting in a number of very positive results too.

At the Munich Hi-End Show earlier this year, Innuos announced that they were building a limited number of Zenith SE servers. Only 100 will be made and we were lucky enough to hear one for ourselves recently.

Used as a source into a suitable asynchronous USB DAC, such as the superb Chord Hugo TT, the Zenith SE certainly showed the otherwise excellent Zenith how to open up further insights into the music, all as the result of better power supply design and careful component selection along with other fine tuning improvements. Available in 2TB & 4TB SSD versions, the Zenith SE is certainly a class leader for hi-end music servers.

If you wished to hear the Zenith SE for yourself, we'd be happy to oblige, but due to the limited numbers being manufacturered, we would need to co-ordinate any demos in conjunction with Innuos themselves. So please contact us for more information if you wished to investigate the Zenith SE further.

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