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The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange for sale at Basically Sound

Linn's Summer Promotion 2017...

The era of the CD player is allegedly over (or at least it is getting much closer), based on the sales of CDs falling by over 10% while streaming saw a 68% rise over the same period last year. And having announced that production of their CD players would cease some eight years ago now, Linn have advised that product support for their disc players has now come to an end.

As a result, Linn wish to reward customers who own these older products for their loyalty and commitment towards the brand and we are now able to offer you a path to the higher performance and improved experience of Linn’s latest products by offering you "The Great Exchange".

Simply by exchanging your Linn disc player or pre-amplifier, you will receive a fixed price discount against any new Linn product* :

  • £2,000 against any Klimax product
  • £1,000 against any Akurate product
  • £500 against any Majik product

(* - please note that some products are excluded - contact us for details.)

Linn's Great Exchange promotion runs from 3rd July until 31 August 2017.

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