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AVM Now Available

AVM Now Available for sale at Basically Sound

After an extremely well received launch at this year's Bristol Hi-Fi Show, we are pleased to announce that the first of our demo AVM products has now arrived and, straight out of the box, we are nothing but impressed.

Simply put, we plugged the AVM Inspiration CS2.2 into the mains, network and a pair of Neat Motive SX3's (sorry PMC!!!), downloaded the iOS app onto the iPad and within minutes we were listening to music.

Impressed is too simple a word for the performance we got from this relatively small box, but there's defeinitely more to come from the CS2.2 as it settles in.

With CD, FM, Phono, USB, Streaming (inc. TIDAL), Analogue & Digital connectivity all built-in makes the CS2.2 a great option for that All-In-One system solution.

And we've also got ourselves the AVM P1.2 Phono Pre-Amplifier on demo too. More on that to follow.

Call or email via the link below for more information or to arrange a demo of this exciting new product.


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