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About The Music : 06 April 2017

About The Music : 06 April 2017 for sale at Basically Sound


Our next About The Music event is to be held on Thursday 6th April and we are offering you the chance to choose the music this time. And this time, we would like you to choose your Jazz favourites.

Be it a classic Blue Note or Columbia recording from the 50's & 60's, something from the modern era or a popular piece that has introduced you to the world of jazz and all of its sub-genres, the choice is yours.

If you wish to attend, we would like you to book your place and at that time suggest two different pieces of music that meet the "criteria" above, that you enjoy listening to and that you think other fellow music enthusiasts will equally enjoy. Please choose pieces that are no more than five to six minutes in length and that are not so obscure that we have to ask you to bring a copy with you (although we may resort to this, if necessary!!!). Vinyl, CD or streamed, we can cover all options as long as we know in advance.

We will then put together a playlist for the evening that brings most, if not all, of these pieces together in a way that everyone can enjoy (a task that is always a rewarding challenge). We will ensure that at least one track from each attendee is played, but the selection of tracks played will be dependent on the number of attendees and the timings involved.

Should you wish to attend this event, we would like to highlight that places are strictly limited to ensure that everyone has a seat. If you would like to attend, we would gratefully appreciate it if you could either click on the "Book My Place" box below or call us on 01362-820800 to reserve your place. **

And light refreshments will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you... should be yet another enjoyable evening.

** Please note that, with limited spaces available and our wish to allow every one of our customers a chance to attend these events, we will give priority to those wishing to attend who did not come along to our last About The Music event.

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