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What's Black or White or Red All Over?

What's Black or White or Red All Over? for sale at Basically Sound

And with no excuses for the play on the words of a very old joke!!!

Announced at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show at the end of February, the superb Planar-2 and Planar-3 turntables from Rega will also be available in a superb hi-gloss deep red finish. And having seen it in the flesh they have certainly hit the spot with this finish.

The Planar-2 will be available with the factory fitted Carbon MM cartridge, whilst the Planar-3 will be available either without a cartridge or with an Elys-2 MM cartridge factory fitted.

We also got sight & sound of a new & more affordable variant of the Apheta2 MC cartridge, namely the Ania, along with the new Fono MC phono stage to accompany it.

Should be in store in the next few weeks, all being well...


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